Pangmao Gold
Pangmao Gold is the International Supply Chain Finance product offered by Steel Searcher Hong Kong Limited (abbr.“SSHK”), with the aim of providing quasi-“credit loan” service to the clients. When Pangmao Gold-qualified client submits a purchasing order to SSHK, the latter can represent the client to sign the covenant and make the purchase from the designated supplier, followed by selling the product to the client on credit.
Global Sourcing
With our expertise in Steel Industry, we are able to provide you the most cost-effective sourcing service for steel products among our mill partners in China. One -stop solution could be provided to keep you from miscellaneous work of importing and custom clearance.
Wholesaling and Retailing
Steel Searcher either rents local warehouses or cooperates with local business partners to use their warehouses and then distributes steel products at retail prices in local markets.
Project Bidding Service
With our close ties with Chinese government and your local advantages, we could co-bid for the Belt & Road Project on mutual benefits.
SaaS Service
Steel Searcher launched the SaaS project in 2017 and officially launched the independently developed SaaS products in early 2018. The product can help users effectively improve the sales volume, reduce labor costs and comprehensively improve the efficiency of enterprise operation and management through visual, digital and precise system management. At the same time, it can help users to develop new profit models and build better ecosystem services.