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Household electrical appliances are a closely related part of our daily life, and the steel products provided by our company also continue to serve the appliances industry. For many years, home appliance manufacturers have been relying on our high-quality color coated plates, aluminum coated zinc plates, stainless steel and electrical steel. We continuously improve the performance of relevant steel products to meet the increasing product demand of customers.

Steel Product & Hardware in Appliance

Advantages of Steel Product & Hardware in Appliance

Advantages of Steel Product & Hardware in Appliance
  • Environmental protection. The home appliance industry is further developing towards green environmental protection. In addition, exports are facing stringent environmental protection standards and requirements, and the demand for green environmental protection materials is increasing. The aluminized zinc steel plate and environmental protection coating plate of electrical steel provided by our company can meet this demand.

  • High strength and corrosion resistance. With the development of high-grade household electrical appliances, higher requirements are put forward for the variety and structure of steel products. Our company complies with the needs of development and can provide customers with materials with higher strength and corrosion resistance.

Case Study of Steel Product & Hardware in Appliance

Air Conditioning Industry

The back plate of the indoor unit of the air conditioner, the back plate of the cabinet unit, the internal parts, and the shell and interior of the outdoor unit are all made of galvanized steel. In recent years, with the growth of demand for high-end household appliances, the performance of galvanized products will be continuously improved.

Refrigerator Door Plate and Microwave Oven Shell

Color coated steel plate is mainly used for refrigerator door plate and microwave oven shell. In recent years, the application field of color coated steel has also been expanding, and the use of pcm/vcm in the home appliance industry has increased significantly.

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