Wire Mesh

Steel searcher- Wire Mesh main application is "screen, filter, printing, solid, prevention, protection".

Wire mainly refers to the metal, non-metal material for processing into the silk; Mesh is silk, as the raw material, according to the demand woven into different shapes, density and specifications of the net. Wire refers to wire, such as stainless steel wire, iron wire, galvanized wire, brass wire, PVC wire. Mesh refers to the wire (silk) using some kind of process and mesh products, such as window screen, steel plate network, punching network, guardrail network, filter network, conveyor belt, PVC network, etc

Types of Wire Mesh

Wire Mesh

Advantages of STEEL SEARCHER Wire Mesh

High Resistance

With high temperature oxidation resistance.

Daily Maintenance

Extremely highlight finish, simple and convenient for daily maintenance.

Acid Resistance

With good acid resistance, alkali resistance, corrosion resistance and other properties

High Tensile Strength

With high tensile strength, toughness, wear resistance and long service life.


Mostly used in coal mountain, mining, construction, breeding, glass factory.


Barbecue network, crafts network, food machinery network, cooking utensils network.

Construction Machinery

Petroleum, hardware products, petrochemical, construction machinery, protective network, wall network.

Solid Material

Can also be used as solid material classification screening, liquid and mud filtration, etc.

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