Steel searcher-nail, a nail is a pointed piece of hard metal (usually steel) that is used to fasten wood, for example. Hammers drive nails into objects, and more recently, electric nail guns, gas nail guns. Nails stabilize objects by clinging to them through their deformation and by friction. Nails are one of the most common things in decorating. Iron-cast nails are also called iron nails. Steel-cast nails are also called steel nails.

Types of Nail


Advantages of STEEL SEARCHER Nail

One-time Fixation

One-time fixation, galvanized corrugated nail one-time plastic products and corrugated nail are fixed, avoid that fixing is not firm, repeatedly pull out causing nail damage

Used for a Long Time

Made of carbon steel, galvanized surface, corrosion resistant, can be used for a long time

High Performance

High performance cost ratio.

Production Materials

Round disks, which are disks of round steel.

Wire Drawing

Wire drawing, which pull out the diameter of the nail rod.

Cold Heading

Cold heading, which make the tail and tip of the nail.


Polishing, which put the processed nail in the polishing machine and then polishing, then is the finished product.

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