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Steel plays an important role in energy industrial facilities and equipment. In line with the growth of world energy demand, our company produces and provides steel products for energy exploitation, transportation, production and use for many customers in view of the special nature and high safety of energy steel. Including structural steel pipe and steel plate wholesale and billets of various specifications.

Steel Product & Hardware in Energy

Advantages of Steel Product & Hardware in Energy

Advantages of Steel Product & Hardware in Energy
  • Stainless steel has the properties of heat resistance and corrosion resistance, so it is widely used in solar water heaters

  • Threaded pipe joints with high strength and high tightness are used in deep oil and gas wells to effectively reduce the overflow of environmental pollutants.

Case Study of Steel Searcher Steel Product & Hardware in Energy

Coal-fired Power

PlantsStainless steel is used in flue gas cleaning systems and works with nickel based alloys to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions. In recent years, it has also been used to reduce mercury levels.

Wind Power Generation

The core component of wind power generation is the head part, which has higher requirements for steel materials. Most of the head steel is special steel and non modulated steel with a strength of more than 800 MPa, and some materials are stainless steel.

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