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Steel Searcher Rebar is a common name for hot-rolled ribbed steel bars. The grade of ordinary hot-rolled steel bar consists of HRB and the minimum yield point of the grade. H, R, and B are the first letters of the three words, Hotrolled, Ribbed, and Bars, respectively.

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Steel Bar
The hot-rolled ribbed steel bar is divided into three grades: HRB335 (the old grade is 20MnSi), grade three HRB400 (the old grade is 20MnSiV, 20MnSiNb, 20Mnti), and grade four HRB500.
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Is Galvanized Steel Bar Better than Normal Steel Bar

Galvanized steel bars have a protective coating of zinc that helps to prevent corrosion and rusting, making them more durable than normal steel bars. This is particularly useful in outdoor applications where the bar will be exposed to moisture and harsh weather conditions. Galvanized steel flat bars are a popular choice for construction and manufacturing industries because of their strength and resistance to corrosion. As a China steel product exporter, it is important to offer galvanized steel bars to customers who require a stronger and more long-lasting product.

What are the 4 Types of Carbon Steel Bars?

Carbon steel bars come in different shapes and sizes, but the four most common types are carbon steel flat bar, carbon steel round bar, carbon steel square bar, and hexagonal bar. Carbon steel flat bars have a rectangular cross-section and are often used in construction and manufacturing industries. Carbon steel round bars have a circular cross-section and are suitable for shafts, axles, and other applications that require rotational movement. Carbon steel square bars have a square cross-section and are used in manufacturing and construction industries. Hexagonal carbon steel bars are used in specialized applications that require a unique shape. As a steel bar exporter, it's essential to offer all four types to cater to different industry needs.

Advantages of STEEL SEARCHER Steel Bar

Good Pressure Resistance

Rebar products are made of steel, and steel needs to undergo a high temperature of several hundred degrees before it can be pressed into hot-rolled ribbed steel bars.

Strong Impact Resistance

In the process of processing, a certain amount of vanadium is added to the steel, and this metal material has a high impact resistance per unit time.

Welding is Convenient

At present, the production process of rebar in my country has been improved. The raw materials used in the new rebar are about 12% less than the original, but its toughness is better.

Civil Engineering Construction

Rebar is widely used in civil engineering construction such as houses, bridges and roads.

Public Facilities

As large as highways, railways, bridges, culverts, tunnels, flood control, dams and other public facilities.

Small To The Foundations

Small to the foundations, beams, columns, walls, slabs, and rebars of housing construction are indispensable structural materials.

Urbanization In China

With the continuous deepening of urbanization in China, infrastructure construction and the vigorous development of real estate have a strong demand for rebar.

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