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Our company has provided long-standing services for customers of steel construction residential homes products. Our galvanized stainless steel sheet, stainless steel and other coated steel are mostly suitable for the residential market. Today, our steel residential building products include furniture, pipes, electrical appliances, etc., which can meet the product needs of different customers.

Steel Products For Construction Residential Homes And Building

I Beam and Steel Sheet Used in Steel Construction Residential Homes

I Beam and Steel Sheet Used in Steel Construction Residential Homes

I-beam steel structures are widely used in residential construction due to their durability, strength, and versatility. An I-beam home construction involves the use of I-shaped beams as the primary load-bearing structural element, which can support a substantial amount of weight. These beams are typically made of high-quality steel and are designed to withstand heavy loads, making them ideal for building a sturdy and stable house. I-beam house construction also allows for greater design flexibility, as the beams can be cut and shaped to fit a wide range of architectural styles. Overall, I-beam steel structures offer a reliable and efficient solution for constructing high-quality homes that can withstand the test of time.

Structural steel has been widely used in housing construction for decades due to its exceptional strength, durability, and versatility. Residential steel framing, which involves the use of galvanized stainless steel sheets, has gained popularity in recent years due to its many benefits. Steel residential homes are resistant to fire, pests, and moisture, making them a safer and healthier option for homeowners. Additionally, steel framing is environmentally friendly as it can be recycled and is free from harmful chemicals found in traditional building materials. Galvanized stainless steel sheets also offer a sleek and modern appearance that can add to the aesthetic value of a home.

Advantages Of Steel Frame Products For Residential Construction

Advantages Of Steel Frame Products For Residential Construction
  • Due to factory processing and manufacturing, steel residential building products has high precision and is easy to ensure the quality. Compared with concrete, it is more in line with the structural design requirements. At the same time, the construction speed is fast, which can make the residence put into use earlier.

  • Light weight and high strength, simple realization of long-span and complex geometric structure, creation of open house, and increase of effective area of house.

Steel Searcher Steel Products for Construction Residential Homes

Low Rise Villas

The basic load-bearing component of the steel villa is the light steel keel synthesized by hot-dip galvanized steel plate through cold rolling technology. After accurate calculation of the data, the scientific and reasonable bearing capacity is obtained. Steel villa has the characteristics of high physical performance, flexible structure, convenient construction and various forms.


A new type of steel structure building system is formed in the hotel building by using steel structure. The main part of this system is based on structural technology, and has the characteristics of building, thermal insulation, sound insulation and decoration, so as to form a complete high-efficiency and energy-saving green residential building system.

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