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Our company is committed to providing comprehensive steel products for various types of customers. The construction is the largest steel consumption industry, we also closely follows its development trend and develops steel products suitable for customers. Our expertise in stainless steel and other coated steels ensures that our materials will meet customer expectations and provide the best service.

Steel Product & Hardware in Construction

Advantages of Steel Product & Hardware in Construction

Advantages of Steel Product & Hardware in Construction
  • Good environmental protection effect. The steel used in the construction is mainly green recyclable materials. When the building is removed, most of the materials can be regenerated or degraded without many wastes.

  • The total weight of the building is light. At present, the steel structure building system adopts various lightweight materials to form a composite wall with high strength, fire prevention and heat insulation. The amount of concrete is reduced, and the weight of the house is reduced.

Case Study of Steel Product & Hardware in Construction

Large Venues

The steel structure is relatively environmentally friendly and is more conducive to the development of building industrialization. At the same time, the steel structure has low fire resistance and can better participate in large-span and super high-rise buildings.

Bridge Construction

In some cases, the construction of bridges will be carried out on the water surface. The application of steel structure can reasonably protect water resources. Steel structure can bear certain dynamic load mainly by virtue of material homogeneity. Moreover, it has good elasticity and strong seismic performance, which can actively ensure the safety of engineering construction and use.

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