Technical Services of Steel Searcher

The launched artificial intelligence voice assistant @ Fat Cat, AI Counting for structural steel pipe, Counting for galvanized steel bar, Looking for Steel Index and other big data products have been affirmed by users, and the market penetration rate has increased rapidly.

Technical Services of Steel Searcher
Quality Control
  • Control the quality of products from the source, conduct sufficient research and investigation before cooperating with mills, and select mills with best reputation, quality and technology for cooperation;

  • Strengthen the supervision of the production process, arrange special personnel to be stationed in the production process, take photos and keep samples throughout the process, and randomly sample for testing;

  • Supervise and control the delivery process, conduct on-site supervision of product packaging, transportation, placement, hoisting, etc., take photos and keep samples, and ensure that the products are shipped intact

Technical Help

Having been deeply involved in the industrial industry for many years, the SaaS and big data products launched by Xiangang Group are also helping users to easily complete their daily work and providing more assistance for industry users to operate and make decisions. At present, the group has served more than 3,000 SaaS users in the steel industry.

Warranty Policy
  • The warranty period is as stipulated in the contract, and objections can be raised within 30-45 days of arrival;

  • After the customer raises an objection, the salesperson will be present within 48 hours. If the salesperson cannot be present, it will be reported by email within 24 hours, and the factory will process it within 12 hours. It will be judged within 3 working days. If it is not resolved within 15 working days, the compensation will be paid directly;

  • The compensation amount shall be paid according to the contract price based on the total amount of damaged products;

  • Other measures can be negotiated with the factory

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