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The mining industry is facing some severe application challenges. For the steel demand of mining tools, our company can provide high-performance steel bars and tubes. As a comprehensive supplier of steel products, our high-definition cleanliness and high-quality steel products have been unanimously recognized by customers.

Steel Product & Hardware in Mining

Advantages of Steel Product & Hardware in Mining

Advantages of Steel Product & Hardware in Mining
  • The mining of coal and iron ore is of great significance to the sustainable development of global infrastructure. The internal cleanliness, stable and consistent chemical composition and accurate size control of our steel products, from mining chain to rotary drill bit, are the guarantee for the excellent performance of our customers' manufacturing processes and products at the end users.

Case Study of Steel Product & Hardware in Mining

Coal Mining

The steel pipes used in coal mines are mainly concentrated in the steel pipes with medium and large-size fixed length packaging. They are mainly used as ventilation pipes and transmission pipes on the ground and underground of coal mines.

Underground Roadways

The left-hand thread and ordinary round steel are used for the support of common underground roadways. According to the coal output of 5million tons, about 2.3 tons of left-hand thread are required per 10000 tons I-beam, angle steel and channel steel are used as support in sections with complex underground geological conditions.

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