carbon high strength low alloy hlsa steel plate
hsla steel plate
carbon high strength low alloy hlsa steel plate
hsla steel plate

Steel Searcher Steel Supply Chain HLSA Carbon Steel Plate For Sale

Steel searcher Carbon High Strength Low Alloy(HLSA) steel plate refers to alloy steel with less than 5% of total alloying elements. Low alloy steel is relative to carbon steel. For more custom steel plates at retail price direct from wholesale factory, contact Steel Searcher.

High Carbon Steel Sheet Specification

Thickness3mm-300mm or as required
Width30mm-1500mm or as request
Length2000mm-12000m or as required
Exported AreaAsia, Africa, North America, Europe
Package DetailsStandard Export Seaworthy Package.Suit for all kinds of transport,or as required
Advantage1. Professional team in the service of you
2. Abundant stock and prompt delivery
3. Rich supply and export experience, sincere service
4. High quality and precision

Carbon Plate Steel Products Application

Carbon plate steel products find application in various industries due to their excellent mechanical properties and versatility. Here are some common applications of carbon plate steel products:

Structural Components: Carbon plate steel is widely used in the construction industry for structural components such as beams, columns, and structural supports. Its high strength and durability make it ideal for load-bearing applications.

Industrial Machinery: Carbon plate steel is utilized in the manufacturing of industrial machinery and equipment. It is commonly employed for the fabrication of machine frames, gears, shafts, and other components that require high strength and resistance to wear and fatigue.

Automotive and Transportation: Carbon plate steel is extensively used in the automotive and transportation sectors. It is utilized in the production of car frames, chassis, suspension components, and truck trailers due to its strength, stiffness, and impact resistance.

Oil and Gas Industry: Carbon plate steel finds application in the oil and gas industry for various equipment and structures. It is used in the fabrication of pipelines, storage tanks, pressure vessels, and offshore platforms due to its corrosion resistance and ability to withstand harsh environments.

Shipbuilding: Carbon plate steel is a key material in the shipbuilding industry. It is employed in the construction of hulls, decks, bulkheads, and other structural components of ships and vessels. Its high strength and resistance to corrosion make it suitable for marine environments.

Heavy Equipment Manufacturing: Carbon plate steel is utilized in the manufacturing of heavy equipment such as cranes, bulldozers, excavators, and mining machinery. Its robustness and load-bearing capacity make it suitable for handling heavy loads and operating in rugged conditions.

Energy and Power Generation: Carbon plate steel is used in the energy and power generation sectors for applications such as turbine components, power plant structures, and pressure vessels. Its high temperature and pressure resistance make it suitable for these demanding environments.

Construction Machinery: Carbon plate steel is employed in the manufacturing of construction machinery and equipment like loaders, excavators, and backhoes. Its high strength and durability allow these machines to withstand the rigors of construction sites.

Agricultural Equipment: Carbon plate steel finds application in the agricultural industry for equipment such as tractors, combines, and plows. Its strength and impact resistance are essential for withstanding the demanding conditions of agricultural operations.

These are just a few examples of the many applications of carbon plate steel products. The versatility, strength, and durability of carbon plate steel make it a preferred choice in various industries where robustness and performance are essential.

Carbon High Strength Low Alloy (HSLA) Steel Plate Features

Characteristics of low alloy steel plate:

  • Good toughness

    Low-alloy steel sheets have good toughness and can be stretched and curled well during forming.

  • High strength

    The low alloy steel plate has good compressive strength and can withstand a lot of gravity.

  • Easy to weld

    The low alloy steel plate has good welding performance and is convenient for processing finished products.

  • Corrosion resistance

    Our China steel product has good corrosion resistance.

High Carbon Steel Sheet Stock & More

Common Steel Plate Wholesale Is Available:

We also provide steel bars, steel sheets, steel coils, steel plates, wire rods, steel pipes and structural steel (Angle, Channel, Beams). 

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