galvanized steel coil
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galvanized steel coil
steel plate sale
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Steel Searcher Steel Supply Chain Galvanized Steel Coil

Galvanized steel coil, dipping a sheet of steel into a molten zinc bath so that it adheres to a sheet of zinc on its surface.  We produce various grades of galvanised steel coil as a top galvanised steel coil factory. The main use of continuous galvanizing process production, galvanized coil is continuous dip into a roll of steel plate in the melting of zinc plating tank made of galvanized steel plate;

MaterialSGCC/ CGCC/ DX51D+Z
Thickness(mm)0.12 ~5.00mm, As Your Request
Width(mm)600mm-2200mm, As Your Request
Regular width 1000mm, 1250mm, 1500mm
ToleranceThickness: ±0.01 mm
Width: ±2 mm
Coil ID508-610mm or as per your request
Coil Weight3~5 Tons or as per your request
Zinc Coating30g - 275g / m2
SpangleBig spangle, Regular spangle, Mini spangle, Zero spangle
Surface TreatmentCoated, Galvanized, Clean, Blasting and Painting according to customer requirement
Packing1. Generally package: Anti-water paper+strapped with min three strapping strips.
2. Standard exporting package: Anti-water paper and plastic+covered by iron sheet+ strapped withmin three strapping strips.
3. Excellent package: Anti-water paper and plastic film+ covered by iron sheet+ strapped with minthree strapping strips+fixed on the iron or wooden pallets by strapping strips.
Shipping1. Shipping by containers.
2. Shipping by bulk ship.

Features of Galvanized Steel Coil

  • Zinc coated steel coil can therefore be divided into hot rolled galvanized sheet coil and cold rolled hot galvanized sheet coil, they are mainly used in construction, household appliances, automobiles, containers, transportation and household industries and other fields.  As a galvanised steel coil manufacturers, Steel Searcher's product applies in steel structure construction, automobile manufacturing, steel warehouse manufacturing and other industries.

  • Their characteristics are mainly: strong corrosion resistance, good surface quality, benefit from deep processing, economic and practical.

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