Advantages and Application Range of Stainless Steel Sheet

As an important building material, stainless steel sheet has ideal properties that many other metals cannot match. Stainless steel building materials are more and more widely used in today's society, and stainless steel will still be one of the best building materials in the world. What are the advantages and applications of stainless steel sheet? Let steel sheet exporter-Steelsearcher summary for you.

Ⅰ. What is the stainless steel sheet?

Stainless steel plate is generally a general term for stainless steel sheet and acid-resistant steel plate. Introduced at the beginning of this century, the development of stainless steel sheet has laid an important material and technical foundation for the development of modern industry and scientific and technological progress. There are many types of stainless steel sheets with different properties. It has gradually formed several categories in the process of development. According to the structure, it is divided into four categories: austenitic stainless steel, martensitic stainless steel (including precipitation hardening stainless steel), ferritic stainless steel, and austenitic plus ferritic duplex stainless steel.

Ⅱ. What are the advantages of stainless steel sheet?

1. Corrosion resistance: stainless steel sheet can resist the erosion of acid, alkali and salt, and is generally used for high temperature applications. High temperature applications have very high requirements on the sensitization resistance of materials, and stainless steel sheets can meet this requirement.

2. High temperature oxidation resistance: stainless steel sheet also has high high temperature oxidation resistance, but the oxidation rate of stainless steel sheet is also affected by the environment, and it is not always possible to oxidize.

3. Physical properties: The thermal conductivity of the metal determines the total heat transfer coefficient of the metal, and the heat transfer coefficient of the stainless steel sheet is better than other metals with high thermal conductivity.

Ⅲ. Application scope of stainless steel sheet

1. Automobile industry: stainless steel sheet not only has strong corrosion resistance, but also has a light weight, which is very important in the automobile manufacturing industry. The manufacture of automobile shells requires a large amount of stainless steel sheets, and now many international big-name automobiles have begun to use stainless steel sheets as structural materials for automobiles. Even in high-speed rail, subway, etc., the application of stainless steel sheet is very extensive.

2. Water storage and transportation industry: Water has high requirements on the environment during storage. Stainless steel plate used for water storage can effectively ensure that the water quality is not polluted. Stainless steel plate is also a safe, hygienic and efficient water storage material recognized by the world. Stainless steel plate will also be an indispensable material for water storage equipment in the future.

3. Construction industry: In fact, stainless steel sheet was first used in the construction industry, and was gradually introduced into more fields. The decorative panels on the exterior walls of buildings are generally made of stainless steel panels, which are not only durable but also beautiful.

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