Specifications, Types, Characteristics, and Applications of Wholesale Color Steel Coils

Color steel coils are a type of construction material widely used in various fields such as construction, home appliances, and advertising. Due to its excellent performance and diverse applications, wholesale color steel coils have a strong market demand. This article will provide a detailed introduction to the specifications, types, features, and classifications of wholesale color steel coils to help you better understand this important material.

Basic Features of Wholesale Color Steel Coils

Color steel coils are steel plates with an organic coating that have many excellent properties, making them widely used in various industries. Here are some basic features of color steel coils:


The weight of color steel coils is around 10-14 kg/sqm, which is only about 1/30 of that of brick walls.

Heat insulation

The core material of color steel coils has a low thermal conductivity (λ≤0.041w/mk), providing good insulation and thermal resistance.

High strength

Color steel coils can be used as ceiling and enclosure materials with good bending and compressive strength, and typical houses do not need beams and columns for support.

Bright color

Color steel coils do not need surface decoration, and their color galvanized steel layer can retain its color for 10-15 years.

Flexible and quick installation

The construction period is relatively short, which can shorten the construction period by more than 40%, improving construction efficiency.

Fire resistance

The oxygen index (OI) is 32.0, providing a certain level of fire resistance.

Specifications of Wholesale Color Steel Coils

To meet the needs of different venues, color steel coils on the market come in various specifications. Here are some common specifications of color steel coils:


The thickness range of color steel coils is 0.13mm to 0.7mm, with thicker rolls needing customization.

Zinc coating

The zinc coating amount of color steel coils is 381g/m², with coating thickness between 5~25 μm.

Core material

The commonly used core material is rock wool board with a density of 100~150kg/m³, and a thermal conductivity of 0.032~0.040 (W/m²·K).

Working temperature

Color steel coils can work within the range of -268700℃, and the fiber softening temperature is900~1000℃.


The weight of color steel coils is 10-14 kg/sqm, equivalent to 1/30 of brick walls.

Understanding these specifications can help you choose the appropriate color steel coils according to specific usage scenarios, thereby achieving optimal results in fields such as construction, decoration, home appliances, and furniture.

Types and Applications of Wholesale Color Steel Coils

Color steel coils can be divided into various types according to their different characteristics to meet the needs of different application scenarios. The main types include:

Single panels

Suitable for roofing and wall panels, commonly used in large public buildings and factories.

Color steel composite panels

Have good heat insulation and thermal performance, commonly used in mobile houses and integrated houses.

Floor deck panels

Mainly used for the load-bearing structure of building floors.

The diversity of color steel coils makes them widely used in construction, home appliance, furniture, and transportation industries. Whether used for exterior wall decoration, roof structures, or for manufacturing appliance shells and furniture panels, color steel coils provide excellent performance and an attractive appearance.

Through the above introduction, I believe you have a more comprehensive understanding of the specifications, types, features, and classifications of wholesale color steel coils. When selecting color steel coils, you can choose the most suitable product according to specific needs, combining its features and specifications to achieve the best usage results.

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