Factors Affecting the Quality of Seamless Steel Pipe

There are two factors that affect the quality of seamless pipes: steel quality and rolling process factors. The main factors include temperature, process adjustments, tool quality, process cooling and lubrication, and control of surface impurities on the rolled pieces.

Temperature and Process Adjustments for Seamless Steel Pipe

Temperature of seamless steel pipe: Temperature is the most important factor that affects the quality of seamless pipes. First, the uniformity of the heating temperature of the billet directly affects the uniform wall thickness and inner surface quality of the perforation capillary, thereby affecting the wall thickness quality of the product. Secondly, the temperature level and uniformity of the seamless pipe steel during rolling (especially the final rolling temperature) are related to the mechanical properties, dimensional accuracy, and surface quality of the product delivered under hot rolling conditions. Especially when the billet or tube is overheated or even burned, it will cause waste.

Process adjustments of seamless pipe steel: The quality of process adjustments and workmanship mainly affect the geometric and appearance quality of seamless steel pipe. For example, adjustments of the perforator and mill affect the wall thickness accuracy of the product; adjustments of the sizing machine are related to the outer diameter accuracy and straightness of the product. In addition, process adjustments also affect whether the rolling process can proceed normally.

Tool Quality, Process Cooling, and Lubrication of Seamless Steel Pipe

Tool quality of seamless pipe steel: The quality, stability, and control of tool consumption are directly related to the dimensional accuracy, surface quality, and production cost of the product. Secondly, it affects the consumption of core bars and production costs.

Process cooling and lubrication of seamless steel pipes: The quality of cooling for perforating caps and rolls not only affects its service life, but also affects the quality control of the inner and outer surfaces of the finished product. The quality of cooling and lubrication of core bars first affects the inner surface quality, wall thickness accuracy, and core bar consumption of seamless steel pipe; at the same time, it also affects the load during rolling.

Removal and Control of Surface Impurities on the Rolled Pieces

This refers to timely and effective removal of the scale on the inner and outer surfaces of the capillary and steel pipe, and controlling the re-oxidation before the rolling deformation. Nitrogen blowing and boron sand spraying treatment of the capillary's inner bore, high-pressure water removal of the oxidation scale at the entrance of rolling pipe segments and sizing (reducing diameter) can effectively improve the quality of internal and external surfaces.

In summary, there are many factors that affect the quality of seamless pipe steel, and they are often the result of the comprehensive action of various factors. Therefore, it is necessary to effectively control the above main influencing factors. Only in this way can the quality of seamless steel pipe for sale be controlled, and high-precision, high-performance, and high-quality hot-rolled seamless steel pipe can be produced.

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