Performance and Applications Introduction of Aluzinc Coil Uses

Aluzinc Galvalume Steel Coil has a unique smooth, flat, and luxurious spangle surface with a silver-white base color. The special coating structure provides excellent corrosion resistance. The aluminum-zinc alloy structure is solidified at a high temperature of 600℃ and consists of about 55% aluminum, 43.5% zinc, and 1.5% silicon. The entire structure forms a dense quaternary crystal of aluminum, iron, silicon, and zinc, which creates a barrier layer on the steel coil, thus effectively  preventing corrosion factors from penetrating.

Performance Analysis of Aluzinc Galvalume Steel Coil

  • Corrosion Resistance: Aluzinc Galvalume Steel Coil has a strong corrosion resistance with a normal service life of up to 25 years, 3-6 times longer than galvanized sheets and comparable to stainless steel. Aluzinc Galvalume Steel Coil's corrosion resistance comes from the protective barrier function of aluminum and the sacrificial protection of zinc. When zinc sacrifices itself at cut edges, scratches, and coating abrasions, aluminum forms an insoluble oxide layer that acts as a barrier. Aluminum-zinc alloy steel coils have been tested for over 20 years in various atmospheric environments, proving that the edge protection function of 55% aluminum-zinc steel coils is better than that of galvanized steel coils and 5% aluminum-zinc steel coils.

  • Heat Resistance: Aluzinc Galvalume Steel Coil has a high heat reflectivity, making it suitable as a roofing material. can maintain excellent adhesion with paint films without special pretreatment and can be directly spray painted or powder coated.

  • Corrosion Resistance after Painting: Aluzinc Galvalume Steel Coil itself shows very little reduction in corrosion resistance in uncoated areas after partial coating and baking. Its performance is far superior to electroplated zinc and hot-dip galvanized sheets.

  • Processability: (Cutting, stamping, spot welding, seam welding) Aluzinc Galvalume Steel Coil has excellent processing performance and can be stamped, cut, welded, etc. The coating has good adhesion and impact resistance.

  • Conductivity: Aluzinc Galvalume Steel Coil  surface has been specially wax-treated to meet electromagnetic shielding needs.

  • Reflectivity: Aluzinc Galvalume Steel Coil  has a high reflectivity, making it an effective heat barrier.

Applications of Aluzinc Galvalume Steel Coil

  • Construction: roofs, walls, garages, soundproof walls, pipes, and prefabricated houses, etc.;

  • Automotive: mufflers, exhaust pipes, wiper components, fuel tanks, truck bodies, etc.;

  • Appliances: refrigerator back panels, gas stoves, air conditioners, electronic microwaves, LCD frames, CRT explosion-proof belts, LED backlights, electrical cabinets, etc.;

  • Agricultural use: pig houses, chicken coops, granaries, greenhouse pipes, etc.;

  • Others: thermal insulation covers, heat exchangers, dryers, water heaters, etc.

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