Usage Scope and Size Specifications of C-Shape Steel and U-Shape Steel

What is U-shape Steel?

U-shape steel is a type of steel with a cross-section resembling the letter"U".

Main characteristics: Large load-bearing capacity, long support time, easy installation, and not easily deformed.

U-shape steel varieties: Cold-formed U-shape steel, large specification U-shape steel, automotive special U-shape steel, hot-dip galvanized U-shape steel, and various types of open cold-formed steel.

Chinese production of U-shape steel models mainly include 18U,25U,29U,36U. The first two models are products of the 1960s and belong to waist positioning; the latter two are products of the 1980s and belong to ear positioning. Due to its low load-bearing capacity, 18U is rarely produced now.

In GB/T 4697-2008, in addition to the above four models of U-shape steel, a new model 40U was added.

Main uses: Mainly used for mine roadway, second support of mine roadway, and support of tunnels through mountains. As the primary type of retractable metal support for manufacturing roadways, U-shape steel is widely used both domestically and internationally.

Difference between C-shaped steel and U-shape steel

First, C-shaped steel is a type of cold-formed steel with a C-shaped cross-section. Its features include being lightweight, having good rigidity, and strong durability. Because C-shaped steel has a C-shaped cross-section, it has a high load-bearing capacity, making it suitable for large projects. C-shaped steel typically comes in various specifications, such as 80×40×15×2.0mm, 100×50×20×2.3mm, etc., to meet the needs of different projects.

Secondly, U-shape steels also a type of cold-formed steel with a U-shaped cross-section. Compared to C-shaped steel, U-shape steel has slightly lower load-bearing capacity but is simpler to construct and more flexible, making it suitable for medium and small projects. U-shape steel also comes in various specifications, such as 50×30×15×2.0mm, 63×40×15×2.3mm, etc.

In terms of the application range of photovoltaic supports, C-shaped steel is more commonly used in the construction of large photovoltaic power plants, which can meet large-scale power generation needs. In contrast, U-shape steels more commonly used in the construction of medium-sized and small photovoltaic power plants or distributed photovoltaic systems, suitable for projects with certain cost and construction difficulty requirements.

Additionally, when selecting suitable support materials based on specific engineering requirements and design schemes, other factors such as geographical environment, climatic conditions, and soil type should also be considered. Different regions and projects may have varying requirements for support materials, so when choosing C-shaped steel or U-shape steel, these factors, along with specific engineering needs, should be taken into account.

In summary, C-shaped steel and U-shape steel are common support materials with some differences in their application range and specifications. Choosing the right material requires a comprehensive consideration of engineering needs, cost-effectiveness, geographical environment, and other factors.

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