Takes Only 1 Hour To Pick Up The Goods! Steel E-Commerce Quickly Finds Goods For The Construction Of Makeshift Hospitals

"Shanghai Chongming needs to build a makeshift hospital. There is a shortage of building materials and materials. The project is extremely urgent. Help me find 1,500 tons of steel bars of the same specification. The sooner the better!" Not long ago, the Shanghai-based steel trading platform Xiangangwang received a special purchase. Demand, the purchase demand is issued by Shanghai Inlaid Trading Co., Ltd.

It turned out that Shanghai Embedded Trading Co., Ltd. supplied construction steel for Shanghai Chongming Changxing Island Makeshift Hospital. Due to the importance and urgency of the project, Lu Xinghai, the general manager of the company, contacted the platform to purchase steel as soon as possible. After finding out about the situation, we quickly adjusted business priorities, organized our team to take advantage of the platform, and raced against time to contact Steel.

"The demand here is to purchase 1,500 tons of 16*12E steel bars at one time. The specifications are single and the tonnage is large. We also face the problem of insufficient supplier inventory and urgent delivery." Cai Yifei, the city manager of Shanghai Steel Network, said, in this regard, find the steel mesh platform. Respond quickly, organize operations and search resources on the entire platform for traders, and integrate multiple suppliers to quickly match supply. After the company places an order, the trader synchronizes and faxes the payment quickly, prepares the warehouse details, avoids the delay in the logistics of the fleet, and allows the company to obtain the warehouse bill of lading in the shortest time.

Due to the urgency of time, in order to quickly complete the delivery, we asked the business personnel of Steel Network to arrange the fleet to set off at the same time.

"It only takes 1 hour from finding goods, quoting, placing an order, and picking up goods. This kind of speed is very difficult in the commodity trading industry such as steel." Lu Xinghai did not expect the speed of this emergency rescue to be so fast. He believes that, During the epidemic, the resource integration and service capabilities of platform-based enterprises were even more tested. Since the platform has reduced many tedious links in the procurement process and covered all links from the upstream production end to the downstream user end of steel, it is possible to speed up and improve the efficiency of finding goods. , to achieve efficient demand docking.

"Under normal circumstances, such procurement tasks require a lot of phone calls to find different suppliers, and the efficiency is very low." Cai Yifei said that the Internet, big data and other technologies owned by the steel e-commerce platform played a more critical role during the epidemic. It has provided 24/7 bulk commodities and building materials support for many projects including the construction of makeshift hospitals, helping Shanghai's anti-epidemic work.

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