What Is Seamless Steel Pipe?

Understanding of seamless steel pipe

Seamless steel pipe is a steel pipe made by perforating a whole round steel without welding seam on its surface. Seamless steel pipes can be divided into hot-rolled seamless steel pipe, cold-rolled seamless steel pipe, cold-drawn seamless steel pipe, extruded seamless steel pipe, casing pipes, etc. according to different production methods. According to the cross-sectional shape, seamless steel pipes are divided into round and non-circular shapes. Non-circular pipes include square, oval, triangular, hexagonal, watermelon seed-shaped, star-shaped, finned pipes, etc. The maximum diameter is 900mm and the minimum diameter is 4mm. According to different uses, there are thick-walled seamless steel pipe and thin-walled seamless steel pipe. General-purpose seamless steel pipes are made of ordinary carbon structural steel, low-alloy structural steel, or alloy structural steel. They have the largest output and are mainly used as pipelines for transporting fluids or as structural components for transporting petroleum, natural gas, gas, water, and certain solid materials.

Classification of seamless steel pipe according to its uses

We have custom seamless steel pipe for sale into three categories for supply according to different uses: according to chemical composition, according to mechanical properties, and according to hydrostatic testing. The steel pipes supplied according to chemical composition and mechanical properties. If used to withstand liquid pressure, a hydrostatic test should also be carried out. Special seamless pipes include seamless steel pipes for boilers, chemical industry, electricity, geology, and petroleum.

Seamless steel pipes have a hollow cross-section and are widely used as pipelines for transporting fluids, such as pipelines for transporting petroleum, natural gas, gas, water, and certain solid materials. Compared with solid steel materials such as round steel, steel pipes have lighter bending and torsion resistance and are a kind of economical materials. They are widely used in the manufacture of structural components and mechanical parts, such as oil drill rods, automobile drive shafts, bicycle frames, and scaffolding for construction. Steel pipe wholesale can be used to make annular parts, which can improve material utilization, simplify manufacturing processes, save materials and processes, and save working time.

The main production processes of seamless steel pipe

The main production processes for seamless steel pipe (hot-rolled and cold-rolled) are as follows:

  • The main production process (mainly inspection process) for hot-rolled seamless steel pipe: preparation and inspection of pipe blanks→heating of pipe blanks→piercing→rolling→reheating of pipe blanks→sizing (shrinking)→heat treatment→finished pipe straightening→finishing→inspection (non-destructive, physical and chemical, and bench inspection)→warehousing.

  • The main production process for cold-rolled seamless steel pipe: preparation of billets→acid washing and lubrication→cold rolling (drawing)→heat treatment→straightening→finishing→inspection→warehousing.

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