Characteristics Of Aluminized Zinc Steel Coil

Introduction to steel coil

Steel coil, also known as coil steel. The steel is rolled by hot pressing and cold pressing. In order to facilitate storage and transportation, it is convenient to carry out various processing (such as processing into steel plate, steel strip, etc.). Formed coils are mainly hot rolled coils and cold rolled coils. Hot rolled coil is a processed product before billet recrystallization. Cold rolled coil is the subsequent processing of hot rolled coil. The general weight of steel coil is about 15-30t.

Aluminized zinc steel coilis one of the wholesale steel coil materials.

Characteristics of aluminized zinc steel coil

1. Thermal reflectivity

The heat reflectivity of aluminized zinc steel plate is very high, which is twice that of galvanized steel plate. People often use it as a heat insulation material.

2. Heat resistance

Aluminum zinc alloy steel plate has good heat resistance and can withstand high temperatures of more than 300 degrees Celsius. It is similar to the high-temperature oxidation resistance of aluminum plated steel plate and is often used in chimney tubes, ovens, illuminators and solar lampshades.

3. Corrosivity

The corrosion resistance of aluzinc steel coil is mainly due to the protection function of aluminum. When the zinc is abraded, the aluminum forms a layer of dense aluminum oxide to prevent the corrosion-resistant substance from further corroding the interior.

4. Economy

Because the density of 55% Al Zn is smaller than that of Zn, the area of the aluminum zinc plated steel plate is larger than that of the plated steel plate by more than 3% when the weight is the same and the thickness of the gold plating layer is the same.

5. Easy to paint

The aluminized zinc plate has excellent adhesion with the paint, and can be painted without pretreatment and weathering treatment.

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