The Role of Smooth Surface Steel Sheet and Advantages of Using Them for Paving

What are the effects of surface finishing on the steel sheet?

Surface finishing is necessary for steel sheets because it greatly affects the surface quality and performance improvement after finishing.

  • Improve the surface flatness of steel sheet. After finishing, the flatness of galvanized stainless steel sheet is improved to a certain extent. The wavy shape of the steel sheet is partially eliminated, and the slag particles or other convex and concave uneven point-like objects on the surface can also be flattened, making the surface of the steel sheet smooth and flat.

  • Adjust the surface roughness of steel sheet. By controlling the roughness of the working roll surface of the finishing machine, the original uneven roughness of the steel sheet surface can be unified within a certain range. This can improve the coating properties and lubrication performance of the product during processing in steel sheet exporter.

  • Improve the surface gloss of steel sheet. For small and no zinc flower products, finishing can make the galvanized steel sheet have a more uniform and consistent gloss. For some private enterprises, the use of large zinc flower products as color-coated substrates can make the zinc flower convex points formed by crystallization and different glossiness flat and uniform, making the zinc flower blurred and conducive to covering the zinc flower during coating.

  • Improve the processing performance of steel sheet. By finishing, the yield platform of the steel sheet can disappear or become less obvious, which can prevent the occurrence of metal slip lines in future processing.

Advantages of using the steel metal sheet for road paving

For roads with solid soil structure, not many safety measures need to be taken. However, for some soft soil structure, a layer of steel metal sheet should be laid on the ground before construction. This is not only to increase the hardness of the road surface, but also to facilitate the reinforcement of the ground during construction, facilitate the work of the construction team, and improve work efficiency. The thickness of the steel sheet used on different grounds is also different. For relatively hard and solid ground structure, the thickness of the steel metal sheet can slightly decrease. However, for the soil with looser structure, the thickness of the steel sheet should be appropriately increased, and the width of the steel sheet should reach a certain requirement. If the width of the steel sheet cannot cover the width of the ground, after heavy rain, the partial collapse of the ground may cause the entire ground to collapse, which can lead to terrible consequences if the materials are selected incorrectly.

The situations to be considered on urban roads and rural roads are different. For urban roads, especially highways between cities, because of the large transport vehicles that pass by frequently, the pressure on the road is far beyond the level that rural roads can reach.

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