What Are the Advantages of Structural Steel?

Understand structural steel

Currently, due to its wide cost and significant advantages, this type of structure has been widely used in single-storey industrial buildings, multi-storey industrial buildings, office buildings, and non-load-bearing components in high-rise buildings. For single-storey industrial buildings, H-shaped steel is usually used as structural steel i beam and columns, and C or Z-shaped light steel plates are used as purlins. The roof system or floor system uses pressure-formed colored steel plates as surface layers, which can be cast with concrete, and the pressure-formed steel plates can also be used as reinforcement, and steel reinforcement can be added if necessary. Single-layer or sandwich pressure-formed steel plates can also be used for wall enclosure, and various insulation layers can be filled in the sandwich plates. The construction of custom structural steel is a new type of building structure that is energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and recyclable, and is known as "green building" in the 21st century.

Advantages of structural steel

Short construction period

The biggest advantage of structural steel is that all components can be manufactured in the factory and assembled on site. For small-scale industrial buildings, it only takes about 2 months.

Good economic benefits

Because of the short construction period, structural steel structures can be put into use early and obtain investment benefits early; because of the use of colorful pressure-formed steel plates, beautiful and luxurious, it improves the dynamic sense of the surrounding environment; because the building itself is light in weight, it is generally not necessary to do pile foundation, which can save investment; because of the use of polystyrene foam sandwich panels or single plates plus insulation cotton measures, it has good insulation, heat insulation, and sound insulation effects. Five-color steel plates are based on galvanized substrate and use silicone as the surface layer. After two coatings and two baking processes, they have good durability. According to the current market prices, the cost of structural steel has been lower than that of reinforced concrete structures, and its advantages are more significant when the span of the plant is larger, which is also a major advantage for its competition.

Good earthquake resistance

Because structural steel belongs to flexible structure and light in weight, it can effectively reduce earthquake response and disaster impact, which is extremely beneficial to earthquake resistance. In countries with multiple earthquake zones, structural steel should be widely promoted and applied in earthquake-prone areas, which can greatly reduce earthquake disasters and casualties.

Easy to dismantle and move

Once the owner is not satisfied with the selected factory location or unexpected changes occur in the external environment, the entire building can be dismantled in a short time with minimal losses, which is not possible for concrete construction.

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