What Are the Common Methods for Steel Sheet Cutting?

Understanding of steel sheet

A steel sheet is a flat steel product that is made by pouring molten steel, cooling it, and then pressing it into a flat shape. Steel sheets are rectangular and can be directly rolled or cut from wide steel strips. The steel types used for thick sheets are generally the same as those used for thin sheets. In terms of variety, in addition to thick sheets such as bridge steel sheets, boiler steel sheets, automobile manufacturing steel sheets, pressure vessel steel sheets, and multilayer high-pressure container steel sheets, some varieties of steel sheets such as automobile beam steel sheets (2.5 to 10 mm thick), patterned steel sheets (2.5 to 8 mm thick), stainless steel sheets, and heat-resistant steel sheets intersect with thin sheets. In addition, there is also the material of the steel sheet. Not all steel sheets are the same. The steel metal sheet used in different places depends on the material.

The first part of the steel metal sheet number indicates the carbon content. Structural steel products is represented by a two-digit number in units of ten thousandths of a percent of carbon content, while tool steel and special performance steel are represented by a one-digit number in units of one thousandth of a percent of carbon content. When the carbon content of tool steel exceeds 1%, it is not indicated.

What are the commonly used methods for cutting steel sheets?

In the field of production and processing, steel sheet cutting is still the main cutting method. In fact, people do not know much about this cutting technology. If people pay attention, they will find that there are still two commonly used cutting methods that can be selected to help enterprises complete specific production and processing.

Cold cutting method: At present, a method is cold cutting, which belongs to steel metal sheet cutting. It can mainly be cut with water or normal cutting, or with serrated cutting. Another point is hot cutting, which is also worth paying attention to. This is also a method worth choosing.

Low-temperature cutting method: In the current steel sheet cutting and processing, low-speed and low-temperature cutting is still a commonly used method. Before cutting, attention should be paid to the relevant solutions, which can reduce cracking during cutting, especially when heating, the temperature can reach about 100 degrees. If the cutting speed is relatively fast, or the thickness of the steel sheet is relatively large, the heating temperature can be directly increased to complete the corresponding cutting. Usually, professionals should do it as much as possible.

Steel sheet cutting is a commonly used method in the processing industry. Since cutting is required, it is necessary to understand and master the common methods for steel sheet exporter. Only through these methods can specific cutting be completed. However, no matter which cutting method is used, manufacturers should pay attention to their actual needs in choosing a method in order to choose the appropriate one.

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